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Anyone can create a web page or pay for the issue of his own book, and then proclaim himself an breast actives reviews in the field. For this reason, books published at his own expense, personal websites, blogs created by self-publishing, etc. may not be generally accepted as reliable sources. The exception is the work of well known scientists from the field or in-house publications known journalists, who concluded in their review of his accomplishments works that had previously been published in independent, credible publications. However, such sources to be approached with caution, for example, if the information in the blog famous person is really true, it usually can be be found in other, more credible and independent position.
Sources published by himself on himself

Sources published by himself and other unreliable publications may be subject to certain limitations when used as a source on the subject of these publications. For example: if a web page generally known, a large company  published information, you can consider them as worthy to take into account, provided that they are not brazen self-promotion, and there are no other credible sources contradicting the given facts. For example: there is no reason not to believe the figures reported in the prospectuses for a large public company, until there’s a credible publication, proving that the company deceived its shareholders.

When analyzing the sources article on unreliable magazines can be partially based on what the magazine says the same about themselves – but the negative information on the direct competitors provided by this magazine can not be considered reliable. Patriarch health gradually deteriorated in recent years in office was confined to his bed. Permanent place of residence became. When local councils in ailing prelate finally ceased performing their duties, and remained titular head. Had no effect on episcopal appointments, which are single-handedly decided the car. Peter the Great did not agree to such the transfer of Archbishop Athanasius of the cathedral chołmogorskiego the former Archbishop of pushing candidacy niżnonowogrodzkiego protests were to no avail. Not all nominations were, however, entirely inconsistent with the will of the patriarch. While the car pushed its will on the Archbishop Athanasius, and also decided to appoint the Metropolitan riazańskim came from did not protest against entrusting the cathedrals of Novgorod and Tambov supporters Adriana  In recent years the prelate did not enjoy life almost no authority among the clergy, he was publicly criticized by other bishops.

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